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Clear daisies

Diphylleia grayi, also known as the skeleton flower. The petals are white, and turn transparent with rain.

The Rosary Pea, also known as Crab’s eye is a slender perennial climber that twines around trees. The plant is native to Indonesia, but grows in most parts of the world. Just 3 micrograms of poison contained in the plant (abrin) in some cases can kill an adult human.Using seeds as beads even poses a huge threat, as people have been known to die, just from pricking their fingers on the drill bits used to drill the tiny holes in the seeds.

One of the most deadly plant toxins, abrin, is produced by rosary pea (Abrus precatorius). As little as of toxin per body weight will cause fatality in humans (a single seed). Birds appear to be unaffected by the deadly toxin.

Blue Flowers

Window with blue shutters & flower box with beautiful blue flowers ~

Unfurling fern

FERN - Mother Nature is incredibly beautiful. Just look at this fern. This is a Fibonacci spiral, or ratios if you've heard about them. The pattern is throughout nature.

Alaska state flower, forget-me not

The legend of the name forget-me-not: A medieval knight and his lady were walking beside a river. The knight held a bouquet in his hands. Because of the weight of the armor, he fell into the water. He threw the bouquet to her, saying, "forget-me-not.