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The Gruffalo - logic puzzles. Improve higher order thinking skills with the Gruffalo. Have fun!!

Funfax ugh I so wanted one of these when I was little - never did get one

Fun quiet book ideas (doesn't link to source)

And then you remember what Hermione said this about Snape's Obstacle in The Sorcerer's Stone: "Brilliant. This isn't magic - it's logic - a puzzle. A lot of the greatest wizards haven't an ounce of logic; they'd be stuck in here forever."

I have fandom jerseys and yell at the tv and do the rest of the stuff

images of printable geometric coloring pages | In other news, on other sites. I posted a new beadwork project on ...

AWESOME challenge for students when learning inequalities!! Fotoshiki Puzzles: Digits 1-9 in each row/column, can't repeat, all inequalities must work

Free logic puzzles for 2-5 graders!!

Another teaser for you to solve! (From the book "Brain Busters! Mind-Stretching Puzzles in Math and Logic") ///////////// ANSWER HERE, WITH MY WORKING: