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Domara Orchestra,Assyrian History,Babylon

Domara Orchestra,Assyrian History,Anunnaki

Enlil is "the father of the gods", "king of heaven and earth", "establisher of kingship". His name, which is commonly translated as Lord Air, appears in the earliest Sumerian texts. He is the firstborn of An and Ki and the first of the Anunnaki. Enlil´s city is Nippur, the religious capital of Mesopotamia, and his temple is the E-Kur. His sacred number is 50. He holds the 'tablets of destiny', cuneiform tablets on which he writes the fate of everything on earth.

"Semiramis and Nimrod acquired their vast and intricate knowledge from Horus and Marduk, the two fallen angels, who are hanging suspended in the underground well at Babel" (pages 134 - 139, Vol. 1, Tafrihul Askia Fil Ahwal Ul AMBIA).