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Nature up close. Cell cross-section under a microscope

You may think that these were small pieces of art...nope just bacteria in petri dishes.

This relates to made of cells because these are cancer cells and some humans have cancer cells.

Vitamin C microphotography with a Rheinberg/crossed polars combination by Ian Walker.

Find out more about plants under the microscope in this video from Kew. Plants under the microscope, wood anatomy at Kew Gardens - (Photo Peter Gasson RBG Kew)

The artist Finn-Erik Erno Raitanan creates these images by growing bacteria from his body in the gelatin layer of a color negative film in the same way that scientists grow bacteria in a petri dish.

Red blood cells - batik (365 day art project)

Basket stars employ intricately branched arms to ensnare drifting plankton

cells under a microscope - Google Search