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Streit's Matzos - The Kosher Grocer since 1925

Aron Streit’s has been making fine kosher foods for Passover since Matzo, Noodles, Soup Mixes, Cup a Soup, Assorted Matzo Products and More.

pita ribollita (onion, carrot, celery, garlic, hawaij, aleppo pepper, 28 oz tomatoes, 4 c broth, 2 cans cannellini beans - maybe chickpeas instead, pita, yogurt and parsley)

pita ribollita

i am in severe need of vegetables because for the two entire weeks leading up to my deadline, i ate almost exclusively pita with salted butter.

Honey Whole Wheat Bread made with coffee.  other recipes include biscotti, granola and salted oatmeal cookies

Vanilla-Almond Biscotti

Do you have people coming to visit anytime soon? Would you like them to feel super welcomed? Try these four recipes: vanilla-almond biscotti, coconut almond granola, salted oatmeal cookies and honey whole wheat bread. Your guests might never leave.

Los Angeles City Tour and Movie Stars' Homes | LA Sightseeing Tours

Get your ticket today for the Hollywood Open Air Fun Bus at Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours. See a variety of Hollywood California attractions.

Channel the unexpected holiday spirit with the Cider Smash, a refreshing mixture of fresh apple cider, Cointreau, lemon, mint, and orange bitters topped with a dehydrated apple chip. Order a round of the beverage along with the Liptauer, an eastern European cheese spread served with toasted cranberry-walnut bread. The Third Man, 116 Avenue C (between East Seventh and Eighth Streets); 212-598-1040.

New York City Events - Holiday Entertainment

The Third Man (Cider Smash - apple cider + Cointreau + lemon + mint + orange bitters + apple chip)

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High altitude help, yay.  We live in Centennial which is 5,422, a little higher than our Capital City "Denver" which is actually 5,280 - a mile high baby!  Any help I can get, thanks!!!

Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes for High Altitude (5280')

Just Food

Whip-up a Summer Squash Soup!

If you eat food, like knowing when you're buying organic, or have an interest in forest protection, the Farm Bill is not something you can afford to ignore.