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In a short, friendly match held in Shanghai, Ding Liren defeated Wesley So with a 2.5-1.5 score. The Chinese number one player won one game; the other three ended in draws. #Chess #Chesscompetition

Judit Polgar, the chess prodigy who beat men at their own game

JUDIT Polgar has blood on her hands. The most successful woman in chess has beaten Garry Kasparov, Boris Spassky and even Magnus Carlsen, the present world champion and the game’s only bona fide celebrity.

Magnus Carlsen – Anatoli Karpov, Reykjavik Rapid 2004 Magnus Carlsen 33 Images of Magnus Carlsen's Path to Success In 2013, at the age of 22, Carlsen became 16th World Chess Champion. After becoming a world chess champion he was asked what would he prefer: being world’s number 1 or having a world chess championship title? He shrugged his shoulders and said, both. 21.6. 2014 NCO eCommerce,

Cyber-chess Beginner's Level: a chess tutorial site designed for children (and the young in mind) who want to learn how to play chess

7 Sexiest Female Chess Players Dedijer hails from Bosnia-Herzegovina and is only 24 years old. Therefore, she has very little biographical information (I don’t believe she has won any titles) other than the fact that she is damn hot. Look at the concentration.