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Wolf Hugs

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Kief by Decadia on DeviantArt

's beautiful character-Kief. I may or may not draw wolves for sometime after this.

SSSSS :( Love the color not the creature :)

The blue phase of the White-Lipped Tree Viper. "Although they are green for the majority of their lives, they go through a bright blue phase which sheds off to the green." so pretty!

Tips on how to heal emotionally!

The girl howled with her new wolf friend. Letting herself be free and wild.

Consuelo Parra: Fog in the Forest by Aeternum-Art on deviantART

DeviantArt: More Collections Like Escape the life by SorahChan


Beautiful picture of a Dark Wolf. People always seem to think that Dark Wolves are mean and scary. Everybody and thing has a good side.


Wolf quote - A true leader earns respect, no matter how high up they are. A fool expects it, not realizing how low he really is.