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John and Joan Cusack

Joan Cusack + John Cusack, they are always so entertaining in movies

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Kelly McDonald, known for her role of Margaret Schroeder in 'Boardwalk Empire', as Diane in 'Trainspotting'.

Not all headshots need eye contact. Talk with your photographer about what you'd like.

I like the plain background, close crop (but it's a little too close and I don't like the top of head cut off) and sharp focus

The main difference between Tai-Lin Garr and Ken Watanabe is that Tai-Lin has long hair. And, well, is also fictional.

Ken Watanabe as Agelmar. I always imagined him as a samurai

"The Major Thing That Scares Me Isn't Failure: I've Experienced That A Lot. What Scares Me Is Not Making An Attempt." George Clooney

Baggage Claim (2013)

In place is none other than an actor who made a transistion from TV star to movie star . the one and only George Clooney ! His real big break was on TV as a doctor in ER and he soon had an army of female fans.

Isabella and Madge

Isabella Rossellini (with a barely visible Madonna) from the iconic SEX book.