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Gotham Academy #2 by Karl Kersch *

Gotham Academy - Olive joins the creepy Order of the Bat as an afterschool activity, and we learn more about her secret past!

bruce and dick 2 by auroranoyume.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Batman helping Dick get ready for school at Gotham academy. (Seems a little too sweet for Bruce and Dick)

Gotham Academy •Karl Kerschl

If the gang thought it was hard to keep up with their homework before, now there's a werewolf on campus at Gotham Academy! Talk about distractions!

Olive Silverlock by Becky Cloonan | DC Unveils The "Gotham Academy" Class Roster

DC Unveils The "Gotham Academy" Class Roster

In a set of three images, Cloonan has introduced us to the principal characters of Gotham Academy: Olive Silverlock, Maps Mizoguchi and Kyle Mizoguchi.

GOTHAM ACADEMY SECOND SEMESTER #2 (W) Fletcher, Cloonan, Kerschl (A) Adam Archer, Sandra Hope (CA) Karl Kerschl

Gotham Academy Second Semester Cover A Regular Karl Kerschl Cover - Midtown Comics

"Creators who don’t put thought into the diversity of their characters are doing their story and their craft a disservice. Gotham Academy came together so naturally though—Olive and Maps, our two main characters are both girls, and because the first six issues focuses on them we…just focus more on female characters and their stories…these are the characters that move the story, and each of them have a point and purpose for being there." --Becky Cloonan

The Mary Sue Exclusive Art & Interview: Gotham Academy’s Becky Cloonan


bat (symbol) batman (series) black eyes black hair blazer book brother and sister brown eyes brown hair colton rivera dark skin dc comics gargoyle gotham academy hair clip hood hoodie kyle mizoguchi maps mizoguchi mingjue helen chen multiple b

Gotham Academy (2016) Annual #1 #DC @dccomics #GothamAcademy (Cover Artist: Karl Kerschl) Release Date: 8/31/2016

When the Gotham Academy student body comes down with a mysterious disease, Pomeline and Colton disagree on the origin of the threat, causing a fissure in Detect

Gotham Academy's Maps Mizoguchi by Karl Kerschl. Damian gave her a batarang at the end of #7. And of course she was starstruck wow

karlkerschl: “ A quick sketch of Maps Mizoguchi cosplaying as Robin because of course she should be Robin.

Gotham Academy / written by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher ; art by Karl Kerschl ; epilogue and Arkham flashback art by Mingjue Helen Chen ; color by Dave McCaig [and five others] ; letters by Steve Wands ; collection cover art by Karl Kerschl, Becky Cloonan

Gotham Academy, Vol. Welcome to Gotham Academy Recommended for Grades 9 and up.


A la re-nueva Batgirl del New52 les ha faltado pintarla de rosa…

Gotham Academy writer Becky Cloonan talks about the book wit The Mary Sue.