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(Open rp someone be the hero) I walk through the school halls grinning as people cower pressing themselves against the walls. As soon as someone moved I shoot a stare in their way, and snap my fingers. Blue fire spurts from my fingers and their eyes open wide. I hear a yell and grin at the familiar voice. "You." I say turning around to my enemy.

The Blog Of Anime and Manga >>>>>> Thoth the Egyptian god of wisdom. As an Egyptology student I approve of this makeover xxx

from nenuno creative

Digital Art by Jason Chan

Sorcière - Wizard - Witch - Hexe - Magicienne - Pouvoir - Zauberer - mago - 마술사 - マジシャン - μάγος - ведьма - волшебник

Tags: Anime, Aohara, Axis Powers: Hetalia, United Kingdom, One Eye Showing, Top Hat, European Clothes

Just imagine one day these two hot guys appear in your house and ask to be your butlers...

"Natasha and Wanda" - by reammm; yeah but also looks like Starfire and Raven with swapped hairstyles.

The Art Of Animation, Wolf Smoke Studio #scenery_illustration #fantasy_illustration #scifi_illustration

"No my lord, do not give in to the sweet temptation of pastries! :("....I shall take Sebastian advice u.u xD

Hetalia ~~~ England declares that it is time for some piracy! ....then Japan reminds him he is NOT a space pirate AND he'd look lousy in a mini-skirt.