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Photo Picaflor Comun by Manuco Mercante on 500px

Photo Picaflor Comun by Manuco Mercante on 500px

Metal Pot Obelisk

Metal Pot Obelisk, Trellis for climbing plants and flowers, flower pott, quite lovely

In some cultures, blue roses traditionally signify a mystery, or attaining the impossible, or never ending quest for the impossible. They are believed to be able to grant the owner youth or grant wishes. Historically, this symbolism derives from the rose's meaning in the language of flowers common in Victorian times. Blue roses also convey inner feelings of love at first sight, being enchanted by something or someone.

World's first blue roses after 20 years of research

This is the color of one of my latest roses. [ "This is the color of one of my latest roses. [ \"This is the color of one of my latest roses.

... Swallow Tattoo on Pinterest | Swallow tattoo design Swallow means and

Of British origin in the early days of sailing, swallow tattoos were once popular among sailors to show off their sailing experience, and express their hope to come home safely.

Top Ten Plants Every Wildlife Gardener Should Consider (BBC/UK) - If you'd love to see more wildlife in your garden, clever choices for your borders and herb patches can give nature a helping hand.

Top ten garden plants for wildlife

Blackbird on a plantpot list of thing to plant for wildlife garden.

Gardening for the Birds #infographic #Gardening

Gardening for the Birds #infographic

By planting native flowers and vegetables, and providing for some basic needs, you can create a bird-friendly garden.

If you're going to be feminine and use flowers to represent you or your work, then its best to know what the flowers represent. Who you are and how you chose to present yourself, is important.

Meaningful flowers for your bouquet

Different types of flowers have different meanings. Think about the flowers you want in your bouquet. Why not choose flowers that have a symbolic meaning to complete your special day? Use Kate Midd…