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Red Blood Cell COMPATIBILITY CHART --  In addition to donating to the same blood group, Type-O Blood Donors can give to A, B, & AB; Type-A & Type-B Blood Donors can give to AB.  ♥___________________________ Reposted by Dr. Veronica Lee, DNP (Depew/Buffalo, NY, US)

In addition to donating to the same blood group; type O blood donors can give to A, B and AB; blood donors of types A and B can give to AB.

This is dedicated to my dear friend, Melanie Lindquist!  Love you!!!  Where are you on the chart???  :)

Cervical Dilation Chart - This is my favorite illustration of cervical dilation. It made me laugh the first time I saw it, and laughter is good in pregnancy and labor. :) I just ordered it for my birth class.

A human heart ready for transplant the heart can be kept warm and viable for many hours in this device. Photo by Robert Clark.

“ A human heart destined for transplant lies cradled in a TransMedics Organ Care System. The device can keep a heart warm and beating—and viable for many hours longer than the conventional method for handling donor hearts: immersion in a saline.

red blood cell life | The stages by which the various blood cells form in the red marrow.

likes this chart about the stages by which the various blood cells form in the red marrow.

Adkin's diet not working for you?  Your blood type determins what will help you to lose weight!

I am also a Medical Technologist by training, and worked in a hospital laboratory for 4 years. Blood Banking was by far my favorite

Infographic: Neonatogy, pediatrics and the NICU | Tampa Bay Times

Caring for premature and micro preemies is a constant weighing of options for neonatal doctors and nurses working in NICUs. Here is some science what professionals go through on a daily basis caring to critical preemie babies.

"If the mother's pregestational diabetes is poorly controlled in early pregnancy, her baby is three to four times more likely to have a congenital heart defect or neural tube defect than the baby of a woman without diabetes. " ~ www.uspharmacist.com

Many women develop diabetes during pregnancy though their sugar levels were normal before pregnancy. This may be due to a history of diabetes in the family,