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here on our hilltop compound, long ago our dear friend raised peacocks. There were the peacocks, peahens and their chicks free ranging , along with a pair of white peacocks, they all would roost in the white pines surrounding our homes.

Cassowaries stand between 1.5-2 metres in height and both sexes are similar in appearance. The female is larger and the more aggressive. Cassowaries are the heaviest bird in Australia and tend to be solitary. Mature birds only tolerate each other during the courting and mating process. The male incubates the eggs and sits on them for about 50 days. When the chicks hatch he then takes sole responsibility for rearing them for up to 16 months.

Meadowlark. *Sigh* I haven't seen or heard a Meadowlark since I was a kid. I used to see them when I visited my Grandma in rural Minnesota.


New Life Collection - Pfau III (80,0 x 160,0 cm)

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge on Long Beach Peninsula - A quick glance across the shoreline or blue skies and you'll see why bird watchers love the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. This attractive estuary supports wildlife of all kinds, so you'll see fowl, reptiles, and mammals. The photographic opportunities are reason enough to stop by for a visit, but you'll also enjoy the tranquility and beauty offered by this refuge. via @discoverlbp