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360° Very Cheap Time Lapse Mount V2.0

This is an upgrade of the very cheap Time Lapse mount HERE In this version i'll make a mount to use my GoPro without the case and with the wire.

DIY 360° rotor. The original one is $169 ! When you DIY it becomes $5 . Easy win !

GoPro HD How To: Build an inexpensive 360 degree swivel mount! Shot on the HD HERO® camera

GoPole Scenelapse This timelapse device for your GoPro Hero makes shooting dramatic 360º timelapse video & photos completely effortless. You set the camera angle & duration & the Scenelapse rig does the rest, spinning 360º in 1 hour.

GoPole launches new Scenelapse 360 degree time-lapse device and arm extension kit - DamnGeeky

RollPro III GoPro Organizer | Cool Material

RollPro III GoPro Organizer

Rollpro III is another Kickstarter successfully funded project. It is a Portable roll up organizer case for your GoPro gear. It was created by Mike Bratcher from Riseful, he wanted a carry case that was simple and effective for his GoPro

DIY Baseball Hat Mount: GoPro Tips and Tricks - YouTube

DIY Baseball Hat Mount: GoPro Tips and Tricks - YouTube


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Gopro Handheld Steady Gimbal

The ultimate GoPro camera stabilizer is finally here and it's amazing. With 3 Axis, it can stabilize any environment and with 3 modes of operation, it is per.

reflex camera stabilizer:  1.Carbon fiber material  2.Hand held camera stabilizer rig  3. comfortable handle design

stabilizer for camera: CNC machined construction hand held Stabilizing System comfortable handle design

21 DIY Bike Camera Mounts

Bike Mount - sugru helps you achieve vibration free footage with your GoPro camera in all environments, from ski slopes to the sky, mountain bike tracks and even underwater

DIY 3rd Person Mount *with pics* GoPro

just thought i would share my rd person mount i made everything is bolted screwed so it is very sturdy does the job great let me know what you guys think