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ARTISUN: Clay Masks - Student Work

This is a sample I made to demonstrate the process of mask-making for my students. Inspiration was derived from African art, and body art from a variety of cultures. While working on this face, I was thinking about the ritual scarring practiced by many African tribes, Maori facial tattoos, and the Indian art of Mehndi. The neck coils are reminiscent of the Kayan women of Myanmar and Thailand who modify their bodies by stretching out their necks with ornamental brass coils.

Printable Reindeer Antlers to Colour and Wear

Cute printable reindeer antlers to cut out and paint from My little 3 and Me.

Top in the World: Stunning Self-Portraits by an A Level Art Student

These sketchbook pages and accompanying prep sheet show the development of ideas for a mask and photographic study. It is important to note that working in other creative disciplines (such as sculpture and photography) can inject welcome variety into a Painting and Related Media project and can help inform and influence subsequent drawings and paintings (see below).

- could use sponge painting for bricks on class castle. Castle Art Tutorial for Fairy Tale Unit: cute art project for students

Enchanting Japanese poster art strikes a perfect balance...

Yasutomo Ebisu. I am so in love with this!!

Queen of the night

snarl link to school site with curriculum for ceramics-design

Greek comedy and tragedy masks using simple white card. Gr.7

.these look so week when hannah starts begging me for art projects here is one we will do