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Ya hemos vivido antes, ya andábamos desde antes.

OMG---fake Woolworth's set up in the SAME place it was in my childhood---right across from the NOPD's 2nd District steps from Napoleon Ave. It's deja vu all over again! I wish I could have seen this in person!!

Sprouse-Reitz - where I bought the yarn to make my purple legwarmers in 6th grade

Emma Jean's Grand Drama | Tonner Doll Company

I love the premise of this book - a girl being brought back to life into her own life following several untimely deaths, and the effects of her deja vu, and the questions of what really constitutes a life well lived. Although the first quarter of the book was the main character dying a baby/toddler/young child over and over and over again, and that was horrible for me. But once she managed to live past her tenth birthday, it got much easier. #reincarnation

Le grand classique. Le rouleau de PQ est au bricolage pour enfants ce que la margarita est à la pizza, ce que le Gordon-Schweppes est au Gin Tonic, ce que le cake nature est au goûter. Déjà vu, ban…

CD9 - Déjà Vu (Cover Audio)Mexico

24 Plastic Cowboy and Indians by OTC. $3.99. Assorted Styles (2 1/4" - 3 1/4"). 24 Cowboy And Indians. Plasric Figurines. 24 Cowboy And Indians