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Behind the scenes of "The Sign of Three" I *love* BTS stuff of the people. It shows what the actors are like, rather than the characters they play: Martin lounging, surrounded by pretty ladies, Ben being a goofball. It's brilliant.

Dean is a geek like us, disguised as a hot jock-type. I want a series of pics proving this like when he watches GoT, dresses in ren faire attire, references fanfiction, Eye of the Tiger on the Impala, etc.

Doctor who/Sherlock crossover. <--- OH... MY... GOD! HELP I'M FREAKING OUT!!!! MY BRAIN IS TOO SMALL TO PROCESS WHAT I AM VIEWING/READING!!!!!!! Paige Palmer

Sherlock << I love their friendship and the understanding that they have. They're both obligated to look after and take care of John; a task that only the both of them know the importance and depth of. They're the two people who love John the most.

"Well fuck." Wait. My mind is..What. WHAT. Well, they do make us wait for so long and go crazy, so they kind of do owe us and stuff, but wait what. /Now/ they're giving us love? (And then planning to break all our collective hearts to pieces again?)

I can't stop laughing because I completely freaked out because of a 15 sec teaser trailer couple of weeks ago. Yeah, imagine if we reacted calmly.

Moffat jokes. Knock Knock Knock Knock. Who's there? Death for the Tenth Doctor. Death for the Tenth Doctor who? *cries*

And so we have been reliably shown that he has a heart. And now Moriarty will burn it out of him. God, I really hope that's not the actual arc they're going for. That Sherlock learns his heart only to have it be crushed.

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