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Andrea Hübner

“Flowers” — Photographer: Andrea Hübner - Quadratiges photography Makeup: Eva Gerholdt: Make-up & Hairstyling Model: Anja Carina C.

Artist Andrea Reed transforms her lips into stunning works of art. - INCREDIBLE!! - LOVE 'LIP ART' AS IT IS SO FASCINATING  & QUITE SENSUAL!! ✳️

Makeup Artist Uses Her Lips as a Canvas for Elaborate Works of Art

Artist Andrea Reed transforms her lips into stunning works of lip art!

This person did an amazing job! What an artist! Stunning!

I was the ice princess my dad was the king. I was to marry the fire prince but I didn't even know him((open rp, just jump in be the fire prince))

Fashion photography

Even I can fancy Black & White ;) From Johannes Graf's Photography comes these amazing black and white creative makeup and beauty images.

This look has properly been created with a prosthetic piece and then covered with blood and maybe some wax. I like the look of this. Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions! http://trick-photo-graphybook-today.blogspot.com?prod=WlankFlr

at first I liked this design however it doesn't go with my theme. even though my character is slightly steampunk, I don't see the relevence of the wound. plus it doesn't look very realistic

Mask makeup

Model: Amédée Betancourt Hair: César Garza Makeup: Plastiko Velazquez Jewelry: Mockingbird Stylist: Socorro Escobar Photographer: Jvdas Berra Assistants: Noah Martz and Omar Guear