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Motorcyclists Save Neglected Dog Thrown Away In Crate On Side Of Rural Road

--oh but this dog doesn' t

Awkward family pet photos: celebrating the special bond between people and their pets

Awkward photos celebrating the special bond between people and their pets.


Only in East Texas KETK, the Tyler Texas NBC affilliate posted this story this past week . A new nonprofit charity has been organize.

The US military is still using animals for harmful simulated combat exercises and training. Take action!

Patrick's Wisconsin Church Fundraises by Tormenting Pigs (Video) in the name of Catholicism. IM sure Jesus is just thrilled!

Dog Who Lost His Nose Is Still Waiting For Someone To Love Him

FINDS FOSTER HOME! Everyone, meet Anubis! Anubis used to be a guard dog on a certain property in Cairo. And just like any good guard dogs, Anubis would bark at the people who get too close to the property. However there are some really …

The Official Home of Rescue Ink, a non-profit 501c3 Organization | MISSION

The Official Home of Rescue Ink, a non-profit Organization

When the Jansa Family adopted a small rescue cat, Pretty Pippa, from the RSPCA in Kent, UK, they never dreamed the kitty would save the life of the family’s 8-year-old daughter, Mia – over and over again.

[Audio] Rescue cat saves diabetic girl's life 20 times, BBC News, 27 March


This quacks me up! Owner Steph Tuft, takes duck Essy on a lead for a walk with her Staffordshire cross dogs Rachka and DD in Bournemouth, England. Essy, a nine-month-old Cherry Valley duck thinks she is a dog, and likes to walk with the other two pets.

Sandy Sharkey has photographed homeless or low-income people with their pets for the fundraiser Joy To Their Worlds.

Homeless people and their pets captured in photo exhibit