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ラグランジュポイントからとらえた毎日の地球の写真が楽しめるサイト、NASAが公開 http://bit.ly/1klRdXI

NASA has launched a new website allowing the public to view images snapped by its Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite. The service will provide multiple shots of stunning Earth imagery seven days a week, mere hours after capture.

First image from Harris Advanced Himawari Imager

First image from Harris Advanced Himawari Imager

Aurora Borealis - Pixdaus-as seen from space

From space, the aurora is a crown of light that circles each of Earth’s poles. The IMAGE satellite captured this view of the aurora australis (southern lights) on September 2005

Meteosat-6 image of Earth  Released 27/01/2010 12:14 pm Copyright ESA/EUMETSAT

Earth as seen from Meteosat is a series of satellites dedicated to monitoring the weather from geostationary orbit.

Sample images of 5 channels of the COMS meteorological imager. COMS was launched June 2010

Introduction of COMS - - National Meteorological Satellite Center

The Earth...

The Earth and Moon Captured Together by Chinese Spacecraft Camera

Santa's View from the top.  Looking down at the North Pole

NASA - Blue Marble 2012 - Arctic View - Fifteen orbits of the recently launched Suomi NPP satellite provided the VIIRS instrument enough time (and longitude) to gather the pixels for this synthesized view of Earth showing the Arctic, Europe, and Asia.

Meteosat-7 Visible, 22 December 2015 05:00 UTC.

Meteosat-7 Visible, 22 December 2015 05:00 UTC.

GOMS-1 image on March 6, 1997

image on March 1997