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When he was self-deprecating and made us like him even more. Who doesn’t love humor? | Community Post: 15 Times Grant Gustin Was Just Too Damn Cool

Can I just say I extra relate to this post because my favourite TV show is the flash-nadeen

The Flash Series Premiere Synopsis Released Online |

teen wolf(i cant take it my man is being taken away to who knows wair and people are going to do who knows what to him :( )

Grant Gustin First time I saw him was in a Lifetime...and I fell for him :) lol I didn't realize he was in Glee and Arrow.

Grant Gustin in a Flash T-shirt... The same one that I am wearing right now... Score!!!

The Flash - Barry and Joe #1.7 #Season1

Grant Gustin - The Flash 2x01 set

The Flash: Heroes aren't fearless. Heroes are brave. Bravery requires fear and fear is born of loving something enough that its loss would break you. #dc

I'm never going to want to build a snowman. #MemeMonday - Stephen