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Kuchipudi is one such unique form of art which is the tasteful blend of grace and vigor, elevation and sensuality, of control and abandon. With its roots buried in the soil of Andhra Pradesh, Kuchipudi was born in a remote village from which it derived its name. In the early days, the Kuchipudi style of dance was in the form of dance dramas, the main purpose being to inculcate divine ecstasy which invokes immortal bliss and brings one closer to the path of salvation.

Kathakali costume Experiencing Keralan ritual theatre in its authentic context – against a backdrop of flickering coconut-oil lamps in a temple courtyard, with the ancient rhythms of Vedic chants and chenda drums filling the night air – is about the closest you can come to time travel. Ridged masks of rice paper, decorative headgear set with red and green stones, and voluminous skirts and jewellery adorn the “green” (pacha) heroes.