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The best dipping sauce for fried seafood you’ll ever make. Bangalore-Style Dipping Sauce | Andrew Zimmern #recipe

Ol' Fuskie Fried Crab Rice

Crab Rice - saw this on Travel Network show 'Bizzare Foods' - not bizarre but looked really good! Anxious to try it out!

Latik Recipe

Latik is a residue of coconut milk. This achieved when coconut milk is cooked in medium heat over a period of time. Latik is commonly used as toppings in rice cakes such as kalamay and sapin-sapin.

Find Out If Your Favourite Food Is On This List Of Bizzare Food Bans Around The World

Food bans are not a rare ocurrence, but some of these bans are downright insane. Find out some of the most bizzare foods banned and the reasons behind it!