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This workjob is an activity about using directions to get from one place to another. The first part of the activity is where the students will practice using directions and the second part is where the students will write out directions. The activity includes a map of a school with pictures, activity cards with directions, a compass rose, game piece, blank note card, and answer key. It is intended for first grade.

Supplemental Map Skills Materials: Craft, Worksheets, Movement Activities + more

This product contains a variety of materials to supplement your student's understanding of map skills. Topics include cardinal and intermediate directions and the four basic map elements (title, scale, compass rose, and legend). There are a variety of types of worksheets and activities to support student review and learning.

Map Skills Package

This package contains a variety of handouts, worksheets, a lesson idea, and an activity to help teach students map skills such as scale, cardinal and intermediate directions, types of maps (planimetric, thematic, topographic), and basic map elements (legend, title etc.)

This resource has a ton of great worksheet games or activities that will increase my students map skills. I would use these as independent practice or a group activity after teaching them the different parts of a map.

Landforms and Bodies of Water Activity (Geology Unit)

DIY Compass Road for Primary Grades Social Studies/Geography. Free template to create a compass rose, plus complete instructions and fun extension activities. According to the preliminary CCSS, first graders are expected to know how to use a compass rose and the cardinal directions.

This is a Mini Book to help review or introduce the 7 continents and 5 oceans. There are several different world maps here to show as well as a separate page for each student to identify the shape of each continent. This is also a fill in the blank book where students have to write in the names of each continent.

Free Cardinal Directions Posters (both mini and full size included.) Perfect to hang in the classroom for mapping lessons and to use as a reference with Kindergarten and First Grade!