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Doctor Who

It's his really scarf! Really real doctor scarf!

Some words of encouragement from Eleven - good for me since I'm studying my science right now!

Matt Smith being helpful. :) I'm so using this pic to help me get through my exams! Especially my drama exam:')

Doctor Who

"Is 'all right' special Time Lord code for 'really not all right at all'?" <- that's really sad

That hash tag is perfect for his face XD

Are You Sure About That?

That was most likely his exact thoughts: "That's debatable.

Welcome to Moffat's Doctor Who everyone. Enjoy your stay.

doctor who on

The Doctor: Mels? Amy: Yeah, I named my daughter after her. The Doctor: You named your daughter after your daughter. Welcome to Moffat's Doctor Who, everyone. Enjoy your stay.

How we see the Doctor. "I'm wearing a decorative vegetable!

Doctor Who fans

The 12 Types of Doctor Who Fans. I'm 6 of them: Tennant Fan Girl, Christopher Eccelston Die Hard, Moffat Fan, Moffat Hater, Matt Smith fan and Capaldi Convert.