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A multilayer security concept provides as many layers as possible between the “outside world” and the machine or installation that needs to be protected.

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf uses the Siemens solution Soarian Clinicals, which provides bundled patient information.

The Siemens Integrated Technology "Image to Implant" project represents the entire process chain, from MRI or CT scans in hospital all the way through to the finished, customized implant.

Veraenderungen der Lebensweise fuehren dazu, dass die Anzahl der Faelle von Herzerkrankungen immer weiter ansteigt.

Das Krankenhausinformationssystem Soarian Clinicals verbessert die Effizienz von Krankenhausmanagement und Gesundheitsmanagement.

The future of the Middle East depends on energy solutions. The region must become more energy-efficient in order to meet future demands.