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*choking noise* *falls to ground and just curls up to cry* <-- *sobs* why ;

I will find you, and I will SSKINNNNN you for what you've done.

Just when I thought I was safe from the Reichenfeels, headcanon punches me in the heart again.

I love him - I don't ship johnlock but I love Sherlock and John's friendship

THIS is why I love Sherlock. And don't forget: He fears romance and love hence his reluctance to form a relationship with Molly

Adorable headcannon

Sherlock Headcanon <-- Awwwww, that's so cute! <- And sherlock love to dance and i just adjesfhesjhbvifupvouaisufbvn <---- aw this is cute!

Headcancon: accepted. After having taken some nursing prerequisites including psych disorders and autism...HOW DIDN'T I NOTICE THIS EARLIER?!

I've already pinned this but this caused me to do extensive research on Aspergers Syndrome-it really dose seem like Sherlock, at least that of bbc, has it

Makes me laugh every time. :)

Remember that time when we all thought Mycroft was Moriarty. Remember that time when we all thought John was Moriarty. Remember that time when that gay guy turned out to be Moriarty. Well that sums up season 1 well

Sherlock head canon<<< just think of sherlock's reaction to her words...

Submission by Yes. Pleeeeeeease let Mary be more than a third wheel. Let her become part of the gang pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeee. Let her be important, not only to John, but also to Sherlock, and the story. --- so our hearts can be crushed