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A new species of tortoise was discovered in the Galápagos Islands http://nyti.ms/1PHvYN1

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New Species of Giant Tortoise found in the Galapagos. - The newfound Galapagos tortoise species (Chelonoidis donfaustoi), more commonly known as the Eastern Santa Cruz Tortoise.

The Galápagos Islands are known for their giant tortoises, but this new species fooled scientists.

Scientists identify new Galapagos Giant Tortoise species - An Eastern Santa Cruz Tortoise is pictured on Santa Cruz Island.

Scientists Find New Species Of Giant Tortoise — Discovery Could Help Protect Animals

Giant tortoise on the Galapagos Island of Santa Cruz stick to their own sides. One group hangs out on the east side, and the other likes the west and southwest. Scientists long believed they were all .

Scientists now say this is a new species of Galapagos tortoise and they have named it C. donfaustoi.

New species of tortoise found on Galapagos island

Biology Professor Ryan C. Garrick Aids in Discovery of New Species of Giant Tortoise, Eastern Santa Cruz

Giant Galapagos tortoise at Zurich Zoo may be world's oldest mother,at 80 she seems to be hitting her stride..

A mom at 80, tortoise is just hitting her stride

Tortoise Mom Gives Birth To Nine Tiny Babies -- The pocket-sized…

Tortoise head - Tortoise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The head of a wild Leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) in Cape Province, South Africa

New species of snake discovered in Australia

A team led by a Natural History Museum scientist has discovered a new species of highly venomous Australian death adder (Acanthophis cryptamydros) in the Kimberley region of the country.

FOSSIL TORTOISE Testudo thompsoni Oligocene, White River Badlands South Dakota, USA

FOSSIL TORTOISE Testudo thompsoni Oligocene, White River Badlands South Dakota, USA