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from Etsy

Breathe.../ Painted Stone / Sandi Pike Foundas / Cape Cod

Breathe...peaceful energy tumbled in on ocean waves.../ Painted Sea Stone


Sunrise, Sunset photo contest winners

Whale watching off the coast of Rye, New Hampshire. Must do this again within my lifetime.

from The Telegraph


A great white shark breaches the ocean as it hunts in False Bay, South Africa. This lethal 20 foot long leaping shark may look like it has made a spectacular kill - but no seal was hurt during the shooting of these pictures. Michael Rutzen, from Kleinbaai, South Africa used a five foot-long foam and fibreglass dummy seal tied to his boat to lure the sharks out of the water.


Sharks off Cape Cod: Time to move past ‘Jaws’ toward a new view of the oceans

Sharks off Cape Cod: Time to move past ‘Jaws’ toward a new view of the oceans :: By Brian Skerry :: August 08, 2012 #sharks

from NBC News

Caught on Camera: Dog Rescued at Sea

Ferry passengers spot dog swimming alone in the ocean off Cape Cod, then cheer…

from Mail Online

Stunning pictures from space station show Earth's beauty and fragility

This strange shaped piece of land jutting out into the ocean is how Cape Cod in Massachusetts looks from 241 miles above the Earth

Watch minke, finback, and humpback whales glide through the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Cod... - Sam Chadwick /