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As someone who was once shipped with a boy named james I fully support this headcanon. We were Shames.

the marauders

This is both horrible and horribly funny

God he’s an idiot

God he’s an idiot


no harry slept like a rock i meant james.

There's no way you can convince me this didn't happen. XD

Lily and the marauders headcanon


Thanks to this person, you mourn Fred all over again, and long for the twins to be reunited and please excuse the language

I want Lily to look at me the way Sirius looks at himself. xD

I want Lily to look at me the way Sirius looks at himself. xD <<< Or at Moony ;

The Marauders - James and Lily. *sobbing in corner*

The Marauders - James, Lily, Sirius.

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Oh god the punning

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And the reason he caught him is because he was doing the same thing

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this is one of the stupidest things i have ever read. yet i am laughing so hard rn.

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17 Little Additions To "Harry Potter" That'll Make You Sob

nope nope not doing this today. time to leave the internet

Every Remus Lupin headcanon I read is always so heartbreaking.<<< Remus is my favourite character, after Snape, so this breaks my heart every time I read a headcanon

:( It's especially sad cause he was the indirect cause of all of their deaths too

AND each of the marauders died protecting Harry. James died literally protecting him, Sirius died to go save him, Peter died allowing him to escape the prison, and Lupin died fighting with him at the Battle of Hogwarts. All of them died for Harry.

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