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palhaços antigos - Pesquisa do Google

BBC Test card. Waiting for kids tv to start on a Saturday morning..... !!

Arnulf Rainer |

Pierrot - these we're all the rage when I was growing up! My cousin had one and I was soooo envious.

Carol Hersee, a.k.a The Test-Card Girl. Technically was/still-is, The Most Famous Girl on British Television, for decades.

CLOWN ✖️ Clown Collab feat. the #batalash girls and the wonderful and talented @makeupmouse - make sure to keep your eyes on their page for their looks!

from Mail Online

Breathtaking underwater photos capture exotic marine life in remote parts of the world

Spine cheeked anemone premnas biaculeatus in bleached anemone entacmaea quadricolor from Milne Bay Papua New Guinea

Picture showing Clown Trigger Fish. Taken from

from Mail Online

Now THIS is a creepy-crawly! Meet the bright green spider that looks just like the clown in Stephen King's horror film 'It'

CLOWN SPIDER - Found in the rainforests of the Hawaiian islands. Certain morphs have a pattern uncannily resembling a smiley face or grinning clown face. Each spider has a unique pattern. Patterns differ from island to island & may change according to what food the spider has eaten!

DIY - Pom pom tights, I actually love pom poms may make some tonight x