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The Psoas: Muscle of The Soul

A great article on the functional importance of the psoas and how physical and emotional imbalance can negatively affect this muscle.

The piriformis : how can one little muscle cause so much trouble? Yoga poses and sequences to help with piriformis syndrome -

Abdominal muscles

Psoas major muscle

Exercises for Psoas Major & Iliacus

Exercises for psoas major and iliacus muscles

Pain patterns of the psoas major muscle, psoas minor muscle and Iliacus muscles.

Right thigh muscles: 1 Tibialis anterior; 2 Pes anserinus; 3 Patellar ligament; 4 Patella; 5 Vastus medialis; 6 Rectus femoris; 7 Adductor longus; 8 Sartorius; 9 Pubic symphysis; 10 Obturator internus; 11 Psoas major; 12 Psoas minor; 13 Anterior superior iliac spine; 14 Iliac crest; 15 Vertebral body [LV]; 16 Iliacus; 17 Promontory; 18 Sacrum [sacral vertebrae SI-SV]; 19 Piriformis; 20 Gluteus maximus; 21 Adductor magnus; 22 Semitendinosus; 23 Semimembranosus; 24 Gracilis; 25 Gastrocnemius