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New threat Citadel Trojan, data-stealing program used by the cybercriminals to swig up the users' master passwords from number of password manager software and

Here Are Some Key Facts about Mobile App Security.However, businesses and organizations are replying by creating a large number of mobile apps to capture those people.

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Protecting your important information and data from screen scraping is not so difficult. Just know how you can prevent your data?

Is screen a hype or real threat? This article highlights some of the recent cases where data breaches via scraping have harmed online businesses which has turned out to be a real threat in virtual world.

How to make strong passwords and protect them: 1password storage app

In light of this week's massive security breach by hackers, it's time that everyone using passwords learns how to make strong passwords.

However, the software is actually part of the solution. IT systems can only go as far as the users will take it. If you do not have the buy-in from the team than the software cannot do its job. That is why it is important to select a solution that people find familiar and easy to use.

When companies understand what "the cloud" is, and how much money they can save, eyes light up - but there's more to it than cost savings as outlined in this story.

Computer Science Online Degree. This degree is a very high income degree with lots of different career prospects.

For the past few weeks we’ve discussed the benefits and setup of integrating Office 365 with RingCentral. For those already using the RingCentral for Offic

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Today a new law goes into effect for piracy in the U. The six strikes law. You'll receive warnings and more warnings and will ultimately result in litigation measures taken against you. Just a warning.

Study: Wiping Your Android Phone Doesn’t Erase All Your Data - Techlicious

Study: Wiping Your Android Phone Doesn’t Erase All Your Data

AVAST anti-theft used phone study: How to erase your data