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New threat Citadel Trojan, data-stealing program used by the cybercriminals to swig up the users' master passwords from number of password manager software and

Google users are facing problems with Google Alerts. Now a days they either receive lesser number of alert or not at all. No one has any knowledge why it is happening, if one completely dependent on Google alert then it is a concern for them.

We use email account to personal and business use. Our email message contains something that we avoid to share with anyone.

Microsoft released the patch to end the bug exploited by the hackers which generally target the US military as well as the government network.

If you're a user of Google Keep and have accumulated a number of notes and lists, you can now add categories to your note with this Chrome.

Keep you’re Windows XP based PC secure even after Microsoft ends its support!

Without the Microsoft protection all the Win XP PCs will be most easy targets by the cyber criminals. More that 30 % of the Internet connected PC are still working on Windows XP which have not got died as the myth that is in mind of many common users.

Unwanted toolbars generally occurs when you download some free software from internet and along with taht software, the unwanted toolbar gets installed.

Here are some of the latest techniques used by hackers to trick users into allowing bad stuff to get into your computer is mentioned here as security researcher and the lessons learned.

It is such a very awful condition for those user that store all the information on their system with password and think that all the information is protected. If you are one from such type of user then this article will guide you how to protect data from hackers? And what to do when you have been hacked?

everybody want protect thier important acounts and log in details, especially for bank acount, emails, etc. But you may have more than 20 important acount and you are not able to tremmeber different password for each site, hence you keep one password for all. but keeping one password for different is not a good practice. It is recommended to keep different and strong password for each different sites.