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48 Tiny And Stunning Tattoo Ideas for Grown-Ups

Maybe not as delicate as these but tattooed bracelets would be cool as I like bracelets but get annoyed at how fiddly they are

I've been doing variations on this little favorite for years!! Always gets picked from my design pile, and I'm always happy to oblige. Need some henna? Come to the Balloon Festival Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and we will hook you up!! Plus you'll see the amazing balloons morning and evening, hear great music, and have a generally memorable time.

Peacock- symbolizes love, beauty, divinity, royalty. Need to get my back piece finished some day... add detail to the top so it doesn't still look like a duck... :(

15 Tiny Tattoo Designs You Won’t Miss

You want to get a tattoo but you don’t like a large pattern for your body? Don’t worry. You can have some tiny designs for your tattoo. Today’s post is going to tell you how adorable the tiny tattoos are. Just stay with us and check the post out. If you don’t want your tattoo[Read the Rest]

Top 10 Beautiful White Henna Designs For You

WOW!!!I think I would like some henna on my side when I get married. Beautiful White Henna Designs

25 meaningful tattoos for introverts

None if these tattoos are exactly my style, but I learned a lot from looking at them. One, I know I appreciate the thin line designs. Two, if I get a tattoo, I'll definitely want the water color look. It's just so pretty! My gut says my tattoo will be some form of Phoenix with some form of the Nexus Works logo.