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Let's see the bright side of it: can't be worse than Roundup. //Slug-a-bug pesticide vintage ad

Inappropriate Vintage Ads For Children

***Between DDT and Hexychlorophene, we survived.***Inappropriate Vintage Ads For Children

Lard.  Because its all about their happiness.

"They're happy because they eat lard" ad, - Who knew the key to happiness is lard?

just add water

Dehydrated water is the perfect addition to all high-fiber, protein, and carbohydrate diets. Perfect gift for the person who 'has it all. This Dehydrated water gets its exceptional qualities from the organic qualities of its spring.

Oh those scare quotes. | 10 More Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

Oh those scare quotes.

"I love my husband far too much to risk getting dry, lifeless 'middle-age' skin! How you, too, can keep your complexion lovely with this soap made with olive oil!

1960s Budweiser Beer Ad Husband Wife Cooking by AdVintageCom

1960s Budweiser Beer Ad Husband Wife Cooking Dinner Photo Vintage Advertisement Print Mad Men Wall Art Kitchen Restaurant / Retro Bar Decor