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Cocoa Plantation Panamá

Cocoa & Chocolate. After visiting a cocoa plantation in Costa Rica, I learned all about this amazing substance. And now research proves it. Eat more cocoa! I bought 2 kg of beans :)

Panamá Campaña biking

Panamá pedaleando biking

Panamá viejo pedaleando biking

Tucked in the tropical rain forest of Soufrière on St. Lucia is the 250-year-old working plantation of Fond Doux. The 15 French Colonial fretwork cottages—some of which were moved from other island areas—were restored, then outfitted with four-posters and rocking chairs. A vacationer here can subsist on the verdant land’s spoils, including fresh-plucked bananas, breadfruit, mango, guava, and . . . cocoa. Cocoa harvesting and rolling is done right on the plantation.

View from one of just 14 cottages at hotel chocolat in st.Lucia in the carribbean. Amazing resort on a cocoa plantation...restaurant serves everything chocolate. We're going there next year!!!

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