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Whether your loved one has been dealing with COPD for a while or has just been recently diagnosed, his doctor has likely recommended some form of exercise to help him stay healthy. One of the easiest exercises that your loved one can start out with is walking. Always talk to your loved one's doctor before beginning a new exercise plan.

Home Care in New Milford CT: Has your loved one considered walking to help out with his COPD?

Senior Care in Riverton NJ: Do You Know The Signs of Sarcoidosis in Seniors?

Senior Care in Riverton NJ: According to the Mayo Clinic, sarcoidosis is "the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells (granulomas) in different parts of your body — most commonly the lungs, lymph nodes, eyes and skin.

Elder Care in West Hempstead NY: Hot weather means that your loved one could experience heat stress pretty quickly.

Elder Care in Durham NC: The summer heat can be very challenging for your aging parent. Seniors are more susceptible to heat than younger people and can suffer from serious health complications.

Each year approximately 800,000 people suffer from a stroke. This can be a truly frightening experience and one that leads into the need for extensive recovery. As a family caregiver this is a time when you will need to give your elderly parent even more support and care than you may have before, and be prepared for symptoms and effects that could arise well after the initial stroke.

Senior Care in Allentown NJ: You already know that keeping your aging loved one active is an essential element of your senior care journey READ

Stay cool and hydrated with these simple tips for the hot summer ahead!

7 Quick Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Stay hydrated during the hot summer months with these 7 helpful tips from

Standing hip extension

7 Easy 10-Minute Fat Burning Exercises

Caregivers in Allison Park PA: Stress can strike out of nowhere and these techniques can help you weather it.

Reasons for Putting Elderly Parents in Nursing Homes

Reasons for Putting Elderly Parents in Nursing Homes

Private Care Services are provided by trained caregivers under the direction of licensed clinician. United Home Health Care offers a range of basic and advanced Private Care services.

Senior Care in Roswell GA: June is Great Outdoors Month, a month dedicated to doing fun activities outside and appreciating our country’s parks and trails.

Senior Care in Roswell GA: June is Great Outdoors Month

Did you know that on August the National Park Service will be turning 100 years old? To celebrate the National Park Service’s birthday, celebrations and special events will be taking place all over the country in our nation’s national parks.

Elder Care Fort Lauderdale FL - Tips for Keeping Your Elder Cool When Enjoying Activities Out of the Home

June is Cancer from the Sun Month. This is the ideal opportunity for you to learn tips and tricks for how your parent can stay safer from the sun when enjoying the summer weather with you or their elder care provider.

Being even a few pounds overweight can add stress and strain to your loved one's joints, especially if he has arthritis already. Check with your loved one's doctor before beginning any weight loss journey or diet plan so that he can recommend options that work for your loved one's health.

Senior Care in Willowbrook, TX - Cut Fall Risks in Half through Proper Exercise