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Eaton Hall. Illustration for The Graphic, 23 January 1886.

Eaton Hall, Chester, the Seat of the Duke of Westminster. Illustration for The Illustrated London News, 29 August 1874.

Eaton Hall, Cheshire, England...built in 1881, sadly demolished in 1961. For more of the history of this house, go to

Celtic Europe 1850 BC- AD 400 1850 BC: Celto-Ligurian culture 1600 BC: Bronze work 1200 BC: Urnfield Celts 600 BC: Iron work 390 BC: Celts sack Rome and enter history as "Gauls." 44 BC: A Roman army under Julius Caesar conquers Gaul.

from The Lost Treasure Chest


Battle of Hastings 1066 AD

Inside of a military hospital. Thought to be Eaton Hall near Grantham


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A portrait of Lady Eaton in the great foyer of Eaton Hall above the fireplace

John David Eaton and his mother, Lady Eaton at Eaton's College Street store opening, Toronto, c. 1930. #vintage #Canada #1930s