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pig teacup pig rainboots ex. "I've always wanted a teacup pig as a pet. My friends think I'm crazy, but how can I resist this cute little pig wearing rainboots!

Tina's Knitting Tips: What does Up1 Mean in knitting patterns?

Matthew "Give not that which is holy to dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine" - King James Bible In lay men's terms: Do not give what is valuable to those who can't appreciate it.

We'll Be Together (Janthony) - ~3~

I posted this on my friend account (she hates hamilton) and it was so freaking funny

Especially when your reading Percy Jackson or Divergent Series<<< especially if it's a cute guy reading Jane Austen's

5 Chefs, 5 Pigs…

Pork Primal & Retail Cuts - Kitchen Meat Cuts from Chasing Delicious & Sese Sese van Kraayenburg (I rarely eat pork, but this chart is still helpful)

As long as you buy animals/animal-products, you are literally requesting the deaths of animals. Your money is supporting death. And "free range, cage free, grass fead" doesn't mean anything. There is no such thing as a humane way to kill.

Farewell letter from

Belfast Zoo’s recent baby boom has continued with the birth of Marjorie, the Malayan Tapir. Marjorie was born on March 4 to parents Gladys and Elmer. Zoo Curator Andrew Hope said, “Malayan tapirs are a beautiful but slightly unusual looking.

smothered pork pork chops with fat trimmed off 8 oz. of onion gravy mix 1 tbsp. can tomato sauce Put pork chops in a baking dish, mix all the other ingredients together, and pour over chops

Inspiring picture before i die, bucket list, event of the year, fireworks, magic. Find the picture to your taste!

What Does it Mean When a Guinea Pig Squeaks a Lot?

Squeaking in a guinea pig can signify a variety of different and diverse things, whether apprehension or enthusiasm. Cavies can be a rather noisy and expressive bunch. The name "guinea pig" is often believed to be a nod to their piercing vocalizations, which are reminiscent of the actual squeals of pigs.

Actual lines from Supernatural

[GIF] I love that this is an actual line from the show. And that Dean is so stoned he feels the need to defend his sandwich

No case of "pupula duplex" has ever been reliably documented. This image is Photoshopped. "The Pupula duplex is a medical oddity that is characterized by having two irises/ pupils in each eyeball.