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Jonathan Lee, president of the Santa Rosa-based Red Peleton bicycle racing team, sits in a Bodpod at a Sonoma State kinesiology lab. Used to measure levels of body fat, it's part of a study on the effects of caffeine on sports performance. #bodpod #cosmed

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Body Composition test with the Bod Pod at the Life & Sport Analysis Clinic (a partnership between Sacred Heart University professionals in AT, biomechanics, physiology, and strength & conditioning). More info:

The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at The University of Iowa announces availability of the BOD POD® Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System (COSMED USA, Inc.; Concord, CA to measure body fat

The BodPod, one of the most accurate technically advanced systems available will measure a Warrington College player’s body composition, including body fat. A quick 10 minute test at various points in the year will help players achieve and maintain peak match fitness.

Air-displacement plethysmography is the newest technology for accurately measuring body composition. The Bod Pod provides quick and convenient method for determining how much fat and muscle a person's body is composed of. Working with Dr. Bill Proulx from the Human Ecology Department of the State University of New York at Oneonta, students are using the BodPod to look at the body composition of college wrestlers and swimmers. They also will be investigating body comp changes in college…

体脂肪率を正確に測定することが出来る機械です。  市販の体重計などでも体脂肪率を測定可能なものがありますが、年齢や性別などの経験的なデータを利用しているので、人によっては実際の体脂肪率とかけ離れた数値が表示されることがあります。   BODPODはカプセルの中に水着やスパッツで入ることによって、からだの体積を測定し、体密度を求めることによって、体脂肪率を正確に求めます。・体重 ・体脂肪率  (正確な体脂肪率がわかります。) ・体脂肪量  (からだの中に脂肪が何Kgあるか分かります。) ・除脂肪体重  (脂肪を除いた体重がわかります。)

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