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Mercury Venus Disco Mars Running Mix - by Gare du Nord

Houston symphony once a year plays star wars theme songs with light shows and lasers sounds cool-Ralph

The Big Bang Theory humor

5 more minutes the force needs #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists


Challenge Accepted

Percussionist humor... Challenge Accepted (this is freaking hilarious!)

from Mail Online

Star Wars cast on R2-D2 themed plane arrive in London for premiere

I would listen to them<< the Solo-Skywalkers + Stormtrooper?

from 9GAG

Please tell me it's not just me

is it just me or does it look like this giant robot things from star wars

And then Spock runs in with a dying Katniss in his arms, Four and Sherlock following close behind. Katara and Elsa come in after them, both bruised and supporting each other. "Magneto attacked!" Spock cries. "We lost Star Fire and Oliver in the battle!" Then, just to spice things up, Ron Stoppable waltzes in eating nachos.

I find it funny how no one seems to notice Endor or Endórë was a Quenya name for the region much better known as Middle-earth. XD