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The Economist Explains: How Will Uruguay’s Marijuana Law Work? | By the end of the month, it may be legal to light up a joint while watching the sun set over Punta del Este. Drug law reformers hailed the bill’s progress as “historic”. But plenty of other countries, from Portugal to the United States, have loosened up their drug laws in recent years. What makes Uruguay’s proposals different?

Marijuana In Uruguay Will Be Sold For $1 A Gram -- Legal marijuana will be sold in Uruguay for $1 a gram, and as early as mid-2014, according to the secretary general of the National Drug Council, Julio Calzada. The government has already started to work on implementing rules set out by a bill that would legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana, reports El Pais. The bill, which passed Uruguay’s Lower House in July, is expected to pass the Senate and be written into law next month.

Uruguay became the first country in the world to legalize the marijuana trade on Tuesday in a 16-13 vote. Supporters of the law gathered near Congress holding green balloons and Jamaican flags in homage to Bob Marley.

After Uruguay became the first country in world to fully legalize the cannabis use, the cannabis lovers in the USA doubled their effort to promote the values and the goals of the cannabis legalization movement.

Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana! | The Uruguayan Senate approved the government’s marijuana legalization bill on a 16-13 vote Tuesday evening. It already passed the lower chamber, and it’s the president’s bill, so he’s going to sign it. Uruguay will have a legal, state-regulated marijuana commerce 120 days after that.

The United Nations remains adamant that the efforts displayed by the United States and Uruguay to reform marijuana laws is a direct violation of international drug treaties, and perhaps the beginning of an international shakedown - if an adequate explanation for the blatant disregard for world law is not communicated.