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The Butcher's take on movie posters... Why so serious?

8 Movie Posters Redesigned To Feature The Easter Egg - Guess which movie they portray.

Spongebob Squarepants. This used to make me laugh so hard when I was little XD

Patrick driving the Titanic, if the Spongebob Characters was on the Titanic, I know they will survive.

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Always wear protection

This is awesome! The Hobbit - Aragorn vs the Troll of Sauron... by yourparodies on deviantART

The Hobbit - Aragorn vs the Troll of Sauron. by yourparodies on deviantART; As for me, the Mouth of Sauron has a point.

Student Graphs Batman Equation, Finds Bat Signal in Math Form. If I was a teacher, I'd so do this!

Funny pictures about The Batman Equation. Oh, and cool pics about The Batman Equation. Also, The Batman Equation photos.

<b>This isn't like a Noxzema commercial — it's <i>better</i>.</b> These pics are a dream come true.

What up?

Clueless might be the movie that best displays fashion. It’s a surreal twist on what we were actual wearing. Cher & her friends display all the best that high school fashion had to …