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‘Naked Ambition’ with Adriana Lima - ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring adriana lima, models, backgrounds, people and photos

Naked Ambition ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring models, adriana lima, pictures, people and backgrounds

nice Creating Value, Personal Branding and Design Thinking — A Q&A with Fiona Triaca of Naked Ambition - #business #Digitalbusiness #networkanalysis #Onlinebusiness #socialmediaarticles #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaplan #socialmediatips #socialmediatrends #socialnetworking


Mocking of teen rape victim prompts major internet backlash

And why is it that our nation's boys are so comfortable with being rapists that they brag about it and upload proof?

from the Guardian

'You're only here for the culture!' Is Hull getting its buzz back?

You're only here for the culture!' Is Hull getting its buzz back....? Mortgage Broker in Hull - #Mortgage #Broker #Hull

from Mail Online

Tom Hardy faces danger after spell as naked savage in Taboo trailer

Naked ambition: Tom Hardy returns to England after a spell as a savage in Africa in the hope of starting a shipping company in the first trailer for Taboo

from Mail Online

Evan Rachel Wood goes FULLY naked in controversial TV series Westworld

Naked ambition: Evan Rachel Wood goes fully naked as character Delores in a new still from HBO series Westworld in a scene opposite Luke Hemsworth