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You know, this crazed cartoon character might have a Or maybe it's just that I'M THE AUTHOR...and I'm the one backspacing, shifting, deleting and proof reading my life. Wouldn't that be interesting? A dream withing a dream, within a dream, within,,,,,lol.

Can you narrow it down to a genre? Then you might want to give a few more "search terms" or you will be facing an avalanche of ideas. Rather than a decent sized blizzard, a lot of information but a bit more in line with what you can handle...

I literally spend all of my money at Barnes and Noble and then I go back later and I'm kinda sad that spent all of my money last time and then I'm like nah that was a great book

When Sorscha died. I cried. Not lying. It hurt. I sobbed abd weeped and it was just before school and I just couldn't I had to put the book down but at the same time I couldn't so I let myself die on the inside a little.