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A beautiful tattoo can be a real work of artistry, especially if looks anything like these fifteen that we've rounded up below. Inspired by beautiful flowers, these tattoos add a lovely feminine to...

from Lava360

45 Beautiful Examples Of Meaningful Tattoos


Tatouage de Femme : Tatouage Fleurs Noir et gris sur Cuisse !

Between-the-shoulder-blades is a beautiful placement for a tattoo with bilateral symmetry.

from nenuno creative

40+ Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Beautiful and detailed cherry blossom tattoo on the arm. You can see a group of cherry blossoms seemingly embraced by the wind as display their enchanting beauty for the world to see.

from Trend To Wear

30 Beautiful Bird Tattoos For All The Pretty Girls Who Want To Fly

Bird Tattoos denotes the freedom to fly, an aspiration that every girl holds dear from a tender age. Ever since her childhood girls and often very fond of butterfly, sweet little birds or fairies and the list goes on. And their liking girls fall in love with the freedom these creatures have through wings. And …

from nenuno creative

40 Unicorn Tattoos Design Ideas

Magnificent looking unicorn tattoo. The unicorn is so well designed that you can definitely appreciate the small details added such as the glinting beads, the beautiful flowers and the intricate hairstyle on the unicorn.