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Name: Portrait of Emperor Charles V at Muhlberg Painter: Titian Date: 1548 Current Location: Museo del Prado Subject: Charles V Dimensions: 132 in x 111 in This painting of Charles V (oil on canvas) is a tribute to his victory in Muhlberg. The red tones in the painting symbol battle and victory. It was painted by Titian, an Italian Renaissance painter known for his mastery of colour.

"Praying Hands" is a pen and ink drawing using the white heightening technique. Artist: Durer Date of Completion: 1508 Location: Albertina Museum, Vienna Austria Dimensions: 29.1 cm × 19.7 cm Period: Italian Renaissance

This handsome image is called "Cosimi I de’ Medici in Armour". It is portrayed to show the dominant and proud face of this ruler. Artist: Bronzino Date of Completion: 1545 Dimensions: 74 cm × 58 cm Location: Uffizi, Florence Period: Renaissance

This painting is known as "Children’s Games". A cool fact about this painting is that it is one of the works in a series of paintings depicting the "Ages of Man" Artist: Pieter Bruegel Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Period: Renaissance Dimensions: 118 cm × 161 cm Date of Completion: 1560

Name: Rearing Horse Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci Date: c.1483-1498 Location: Royal Collection, UK Subject: Horse Dimensions: 15.3 x 14.2 cm This is a sketch (chalk on paper) by Leonardo Da Vinci, a Renaissance artists famous for, among other things, painting Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. This painting is a study of a horse rearing.

This is a famous portrait by Giovanni Bellini depicting Doge Leonardo Loredan. Artist: Giovanni Bellini Location: National Gallery, London Dimensions: 2' 0" x 1' 6" Created: 1501 Subject: Leonardo Loredan Period: Italian Renaissance

"The Ambassadors" is a double portrait featuring still life in the background. The meaning of the still life is still a debate to this day. Artist: Hans Holbien Location: National Gallery, London Dimensions: 6' 9" x 6' 10" Created: 1533 Subject: Georges de Selve, Jean de Dinteville, Memento mori

This painting was created to show secularism rather than a simple peasant life. Artist: Pieter Bruegal Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Dimensions: 45 in × 65 in Created: 1567 Period: Italian

Title: The Feast of the Gods Artists: Titian, Giovanni Bellini Location: National Gallery of Art Dimensions: 5'7" x 6'2" Created- 1514-1529 subject: Gods This painting shows the God's feating. It is often called often called "The greatest Renaissance printings in the United States.

Name: Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan Artist: Giovanni Bellini Dimensions: 2'0" x 1'6" Created: 1501 Location: National Gallery, London Subject: Leonardo Loredan This painting is of Leonardo Loredan, a doge of Venice, in his robes of state. The painter, Bellini, is famous for revolutionizing Venetian painting style.