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Backbase | Omni-Channel Transformation Roadmap

Mobile payments struggle to gain acceptance despite increases in mobile banking and alternative payment use.

TransferGo #forabetterlife - We recommend - Things You Should Know About Mobile Payment Market  http://blog.transfergo.com/introducing-mobile-transfergo-and-debit-card-payments/

Mobile payment infographic portrays important stats of growing mobile payment market such as mobile payment users, popular m-payment apps and adoption rates across industries.

From first swipe to final transfer, the steps and players behind payment card transactions http://read.bi/1bqjVSX

BI Tech on

The players and trends shaping changes in the massive credit card-processing industry.

Competition watchdogs to enforce smartphone banking revolution

Competition watchdogs to enforce smartphone banking revolution

Britain's biggest banks are will be forced to offer customers a revolution in mobile banking with the same services available on smartphones as can be found in high street branches, competition watchdogs have said today.

Here’s Where 6 Banking Giants Are Placing Their Bets On FinTech Startups I CBinsights

Major banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi, and Bank of America count a number of overlapping investments across FinTech.

Ways that YouTubers make money and use their success to create their own day job and business.

How Do YouTubers Make Money

Knowledgent Infographic Data Governance Maturity Model

Data Governance Maturity Model - Data and Analytics Infographic - Knowledgent

Wall Street steps up its game against fintech. Big banks begin to partner up as web-enabled banking products keep gaining traction with consumers.

Wall Street steps up its game against fintech

Strengthening thinking as a mechanism to building resilience

emerging tech roadmap by Barkley

Moonshot forecasts some of the emerging technologies that will reshape brand and consumer interactions in the years ahead

Payments Firm Qiwi Could Transition to Blockchain By 2021 - CoinDesk

Russian payments firm Qiwi now estimates it could upgrade its core database to a distributed ledger-based system by

How are third-party financial technology (fintech) firms proliferating to successfully meet the consumer demand for responsive mobile banking services?

Digital Transformation in Banking