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world war ii memorial | World War 2 Memorial - Washington DC

World War II Memorial with a view of the Lincoln Memorial

God have given the Armor of Light including the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit since the day of Pentecost in the year of the death, resurrection & ascension of Jesus our Lord - Learn more @ wlf1989.org

Armor of God Military Ministry - America in Uniform

Victoria Soto was a 1st grade teacher who was killed protecting her students at Sandy Hook Elementary (Newtown, Conn). She hid the children in cabinets and closets, and when she encountered Adam Lanza, the shooter, she told him they were in the gym. He then turned the gun on her, killing her. None of her students were harmed. In the face of darkness and tragedy, we honor a true hero.

Teacher from Stratford shielded students

elementary school teacher Victoria Soto died protecting her students.

#weapons change, #warriors don't!   #betteryourself #justdoit #neverquit

#weapons change, #warriors don't! #betteryourself #justdoit #neverquit


Clayton Bowen SSG Bowen died in August 2009 trying to save Bowe Bergdahl. The Texas native joined the Army at just The avid singer and former drill sergeant was just one month away from the end of his service and birthday when he died.

Respeto mutuo.

Pope Frances is reported to be in the crossshairs of the islamic state - so much for all that muslim outreach by this pope, and letting them pray at the Vatican.