Kitchen display area_corian

Twisted Wall Surfaces: DuPont Corian Goes From Flat Countertop to Flowing Shelves

#Honeycomb Morphologies (Rhino Grasshopper) From the creator @Rodrigo_Medina : "Honeycomb Morphologies have become a very popular subject in architectural design because of their structural and aesthetic properties ,  so I decided to join the party an play with this particular kind generative projects ,this experiment develops a honeycomb system that is able to adapt to a local existing context and to different performance requirements." read more about the design at the website.

Generative modeling for Rhino Grasshopper, has become a leading tool for parametric design. You can reach infinite detail in modeling using generative algorithms for parametric forms evolved. Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm.

Seoul - Zaha Hadid - Dongdaemun Park Plaza

Image 3 of 39 from gallery of Dongdaemun Design Plaza / Zaha Hadid Architects. Photograph by Virgile Simon Bertrand


Amanda Levete Architects: 'corian® Super-surfaces' At Milan Design Week 09 - 9146 - Buamai

Corian Super Surfaces

Twisted Wall Surfaces: DuPont Corian Goes From Flat Countertop to Flowing Shelves

daniel libeskind(1946- ), jewish museum berlin, 1989–1999. berlin, germany. "The intersection of tunnels underneath the museum." photo Studio Daniel Libeskind

An emotionally evocative architectural experience.

Wonderwall Interior Design : 3D Texture & Pattern

Lexus Flagship Store In Tokyo, Japan, by Wonderwall : The dedication and…

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Inspiration for exhibition design

Aura - Zaha Hadid.  Installation for the 2008 Venice Biennale

"Aura-S" by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher at Villa Foscari (also known as La Malcontenta) in Mira, Province of Venice, Italy.

Futuristic Furniture Design From Tron In Real

Another bar view.